Master your inner realm, to walk birthing women through theirs




You're passionate about Birth

But the unseen, soul level, subtle energy aspect of it
(And you KNOW you have untapped spiritual gifts just waiting to be unearthed!)


You want to do more than birth attendance

Like, walking a woman through the inner journey of pregnancy
(Because THAT'S where the real birthwork begins!)

You've considered main-stream trainings

But drowning in a sea of 'cookie-cutter' Doulas isn't for you
(You are here to affect BIG change in the birthworld)


Women who deeply and unwaveringly know + trust themselves, make VERY different decisions in relation to their birth.

But did you know…


“As my first investment in myself to work with a coach, I can’t explain how grateful I am. I gained so much more then what I expected. I don’t even know where to begin; the shifts and how I’ve evolved with you in Birth Business Mentoring is something I will be forever grateful for. I now have all the foundations to create magic within my business and life.

From understanding myself more with my human design, your intuitive readings, guidance and harnessing my cycle - I now can birth a course of my own. Looking back from the first booklet to now; I’ve seen such a shift. From what I thought I should be doing - to work that is in alignment with me and the stages that I am in.

Your offerings are such gifts, I just can’t get enough of them. For any woman thinking of your coaching - just dive in! You will not regret it! So full of gratitude for everything that you are and offer Anita. Thank you divine woman.” 

- Tori

Let me cast the vision:

  • You work part time hours, with a full time wage and greater impact.
  • Your presence is magnetic - even when you're not online!
  • Your birthwork is deeply transformative - and has nothing to do with practical skills.
  • You continually call in like-minded clients that GET YOU!
  • You dreamed of threading spirituality into your work - and here it is!
  • You've carved out your own unique space in the birth world and it feels good to finally be seen!
  • Your business supports your sovereign life, whilst supporting sovereign women in theirs. 
  • Your work is location independent - you can work from anywhere in the world WITH anyone in the world!
  • You've quantum leaped from a hobby, to consistent 5 figure months. (With less hustle, time, energy and effort.)


This is New Paradigm Business

and it's everything they told us wasn't possible.

But we're creating this New Earth, so we get to choose how we build it!

Within 12 weeks, you will receive:

+ New Paradigm Birth Business Training

+ An Intitation into Energetic Birthwork

+ A Spiritual Development Mentorship

+ A Like-Minded Sisterhood

+ My entire Intuitive Birth Method Curriculum

+ 6 Live Group Trainings

+ 6 Women's Circles

+ Lifetime access through my website + app



+ Human Design for Birth Training (Value $88)

+ Abundance Activation Training (Value $88)

+ Gather: Call in Your Tribe (Value $1222)

“Working with you has clarified who I want to work with, how I want to support them and what I am actually capable of. I had so many blurred lines before and was struggling to move forward, I was spending so much time on my business and seeing zero success financially. I can’t believe I’m not even halfway through mentoring with you and have noticed such a shift in myself and my business. 

Aligning my business with my energy is absolutely insane. I feel like I’m working less and achieving almost double. I feel so confident in myself and my future in birthwork - I love being mentored by you, your wisdom is so valuable and has opened me up to endless possibilities - thank you so much. I’m certain I’ll be working with you again.”

- Sam 

6 modules over 12 weeks



Wednesdays 10am AEST

Coven Circles 

Bi-weekly gatherings on Zoom

All replays up within 24 hours


Wednesdays 2pm AEST

Coven Classes

Bi-weekly Live Trainings on Zoom

All replays up within 24 hours

+ Reading and Interpreting Energy - Yours and Your Client's
+ Divination Tools and the Spiritual Components of Birthwork
+ Big Vision Calibration - 12 Week and 12 Month Forecasting
+ Your Personal Medicine, Gifts and Power

+  Old vs New Paradigm Birthwork and Birth Businesses 
+ Human Design Integration - Your Superpowers
+ Sacred Socials, Magnetic Marketing and Psychic Sales
+ Light Worker / Shadow Worker Embodiment

+ Soul Client Alignment + Attraction
+  Astrological influences + Moon Mapping
+ Meeting Birth The Entity
+ Curating a Celestial Support Team

+ The Value of Birth Preparation as Birthwork
+ 5 Figure Month Activation
+ Cycle Magic in Your Business

+ Star Sisters + Soul Contracts
+ The Uncapped Potential of Online Birthwork
+ Energetic Boundaries + Unapologetic Truths
+ Healing the Sister, Mother & Witch Wound
+ Being a Channel, not a Leader

+ Calibration to a New Vibration: The Possibilities!
+ Self Sabotage + Self Responsibility
+ Co-Creation + Choosing your Timeline: What's Next?



You will be part of...


Private Facebook Group

Group Support, Announcement Space + Interactive Threads


Voxer Group of 5 max

24/7 Support + 1 day/week Scheduled AMA with Anita

You can have:

  • A Birth Business that allows you to work part time hours, with a full time wage, choosing your own hours - with just as much (if not more) impact 
  • A Birth Business that stands out, where you are clear on your genius and carve out your own unique space in the birth world
  • A Birth Business that is set up energetically; so that it works for you behind the scenes and continually magnetizes like-minded clients to you
  • A Birth Business that's location independent that can  comprise of online and in person offerings & support
  • A Birth business that moves you from a hobby to consistent 5 figure months

Working with Anita in a group setting was transformational to say the least, every limiting belief was challenged in such a loving way and she shared her tools to create new beliefs, expansive ones.

To be supported by true sisterhood on rough days, be able to access Anita's wisdom 6 days a week was incredible.

Prior to being mentored by Anita I was heavily set in a scarcity mindset and loads of limiting beliefs and fears around self worth and business and what I could offer birthing women.

After mentoring with her we flipped all those beliefs on their head, created new ones, I reconnected to my power and magic and abundance is just flowing in now.

Thank you Anita. I'm looking forward to doing Midwitch Methodology, and I cant wait to witness my rapid growth that will come from it once again."

- Erin



Anita is a Leader in Women's Work, Nature and Spirit Led Birth Support and is the host of The Midwitch Podcast - a virtual portal to the ancient practice of women gathering in circle.

She is the creator of the one and only energetic birth preparation and energetically aligned business programs; which guides women through the inner realms, to retrieve their medicine, magic and power - for birth or business.

Anita's work is unique, in that she reconnects women to themselves first; awakening their innate intuition and intelligence - to become guided by their inner voice as they build this New Earth together.

Featured on: Your Zen Mama & Prism Official Co.

The past few months has been full of shifts & transitions for me. I found myself at a point where I was deep in frustration, my soul was starving for change, a complete new direction. I needed something big to break through some hectic inner barriers & shake shit up in my life. 

Then I unexpectedly, well actually it was so divinely orchestrated, I stepped into a mentorship container with Anita, which unearthed deep layers of my unconscious, shined light on my self limiting beliefs, patterns & programs that have kept me looping through cycles of not really getting where I truly desired to be in my life. My human self had a lot of self doubt where this process would lead but I showed up, I softened into the unknown & I chose not to allow my fear to control me. I knew I had to trust in my own inner guidance, that turning backwards wasn't an option anymore, this opportunity had potent potential to take me to the next level. And the growth I have felt since then has been huge! 

I am so grateful I invested in myself & stepped into the arena of self expansion. I've learnt about human design, connected deeper to my menstrual cycle, built a new solid foundation trusting my body, her innate wisdom, & collapsed timelines! And so so much more! And this is just the beginning! 

In seeking guidance when we are truly ready to claim the change we desire creates a powerful opportunity to awaken certain aspects/conditioning of ourselves we probably wouldn't become conscious of on our own. In certain areas we often need someone to activate our own truth, to mirror our shit keeping us stagnant straight back to us. It gives us the opportunity to see where in our lives we are not free. It's an activation on another level. At least in my experience I believe this is the fast tracked way to ascension. All connections are, whether it's a relationship, friendship, mentor, coach, whatever label you want to put on it, it really doesn't matter, they all hold portals for potent personal growth."

- Lonni