A Hybrid of High Level Feminine Arts Teachings, New Paradigm Business and Spiritual Development; to move through at your own pace


This is the New Paradigm of Birthwork that truly believes in a woman's ability to birth 

That centres the woman behind the business too
That harnesses the universal and natural laws of creation
 That focuses on mother and baby - not the pathology of birth
That will uncap your spiritual gifts, income and impact

"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.‚ÄĚ

- Buckminster Fuller

There's no doubt our birth culture needs to change 
Come and build the new with us
Ready to be bonding in celebration (rather than trauma) with your soul client (turned soul sister) as she tells you her powerful birth story, after moving through transformational birth preparation with you, and how it's impacted EVERY area of her life, as you witness again how magic and energy trump science and physiology in birth - every single time?!

A stark change from your lifeless, broad, energy leaking, full spectrum, what the fk do I even post today, quantity over quality, every inch of excitement hinging on the adrenalin and oxytocin of another woman's birth, birthwork - right?   

Ready for your deep, cosmic, spiritual, witchy self to not only be seen, but sought after, by birthing women JUST LIKE YOU, where your writing and teaching flows from you like a river and your dm's are filled with "I've been looking for this exact type of birthwork, I didn't know it was possible, when can I start?!"

Rather than entering dodgy, "pay me after birth" transactions, "I'll say I wasn't there", 'cos I'm still birthworking from a place of fear, yet full to the brim with useless birthy intellect - making birth even less sacred and celebrated, because it's being driven underground.

Ready to stop shrinking in the corner of the birth space, carrying the energetic imprint of speeding along the backroads in the middle of the night, omg did I bring my rebozo, my kids won't see me when they wake, already dreading the next day, hoping labour won't be long?

Removing yourself from the birth space all together because you support women (from all over the world) through deep self enquiry and self healing (from anywhere in the world) BEFORE labour - now they're prepared (and excited!) to face birth on their own! Now they're prepared for everything birth wants to bring them! And your ego is fine that a women doesn't need (nor want!) you there.
Ready to experience heart exploding fulfilment, satisfaction, success and abundance in your birthwork, where you are time and location independent, using the internet as a high-frequency-lightbeam-super-highway direct to your global community, non reactively free flowing in your business at your own pace, in perfect harmony and balance with motherhood?  
Instead of the work/home juggle struggle, accepting low grade payments, being hired as a 'just in case', keeping you capped and trapped within your local community, and within your own personal expansion.

This is not just some woo woo, next-level-self envisioning 


It's not an insta worthy, oracle spread, prenatal visit scene. It's beyond 'conscious, bespoke and intuitive'


This is the grounded, yet quantum, witch's work, reality of birthwork for myself and my clients - that's transforming the birthing experiences of mothers around the world


We walk a birthing woman through the energetic story of her inner realm, helping her navigate the murky shadows of self healing and the esoteric realms of her expansion - so that she becomes the clear vessel through which Birth can pass through her.


This leading edge birthwork will:


Make you feel confident and 'qualified' 

to support birthing women NOW, stopping the never ending search for (even more!) knowledge and information to keep up with the self-proclaimed seasoned birthworkers that have been making you feel continuously behind and inadequate 


Anchor you into your power, worth and certainty 

by removing you from the toxic co-dependancy of 'birthing woman thinks she has to have someone at her birth - birth attendant thinks birthing woman needs her there' AND the oppressive culture of 'pay what you can'


Allow you to work fast, yet potently,

witnessing tangible changes quickly in your clients as you lead them in healing their emotional, physical and mental bodies, across all lifetimes, dimensions and timelines. Ridding you of the multitasking motherhood martyrdom - because you work less hours, yet with more potent presence when you do


Give you clarity, certainty, direction and a sense of safety

around what you do, where you're headed and your place in the birthworld - clearing the path ahead by removing litigation fears and the misplacement of responsibility within birthwork


Welcome you into a visionary movement

like you've never experienced. One that upholds the value of every woman, that breads leaders not followers, co-creative connections, not vanity metrics or dogmatic disciplines


Anita is a Mama of 2, living on Dharawal Land
Creator of the one and only Energetic Birth Preparation Program for birthing women and Birthworkers.
Facilitating Energetic Birthworker Initiations since 2022 and Intuitive Birth since 2019 as 'The Midwitch'.
Guiding Birthworkers, and birthing women, back to their inner knowing, power and medicine - through the use of energy.
"I truly believe that when women are connected to their inner world, they make significantly different decisions in pregnancy, birth, motherhood and business"

The Energetic Birth Preparation Method

will allow you to

Navigate the inner and energetic realms of your clients
Conduct Energy Readings to interpret blocks, align and recalibrate energy
Confidently use Divination tools
Understand the spiritual components of birth and birthwork
Connect with your Celestial Support Team/Guides
Connect, and work with, Birth as an Entity
Unearth your client's personal medicine and power
Unlock your clients individual energetic coding through Human Design
Forecast and manifest with Pregnancy Moon Mapping and Astrology
Magnetise Star Sister/Soul Client connections

Because you need a Method, before a business 

With added bonus teaching days on:
Content Channeling, Magnetic Marketing, Sacred Selling, Psychic Pricing

You will experience:

+ An Intitation into Energetic Birthwork
+ A Spiritual Development Mentorship
+ A Hybrid of High Level Mentorship with Pre Recorded Teachings and Voxer Support Days

Over 12 weeks you'll receive:

+ Practical strategies and techniques from the 5 Core Pillars of Energetic Birthwork
+ Workbooks and downloadable resources
+ Lifetime access to all materials
+ The entire Energetic Birth Preparation Method Curriculum 

I believe ALL women are the gatekeepers of Birth


Beautiful words from our sisterhood of Energetic Birthworkers

Let's shift you from 

Feeling alone in finding your place in the birthworld
Fearful that moving online will stop you from building, and having, an in-person community
Frustrated that you can't find, or call in, your soul clients
Strung out and tired from reactive on call birthwork
Disappointed your Doula certification or Birthkeeper training hasn't taken you very far
Disheartened that your instagram became another abandoned space in the online world (you lost the spark a few months back)
Unmotivated because you've been trying to do birthwork that doesnt align with you anymore
Confused about where to begin and what would you even offer!

To the 'you' that's

Passionate, driven, motivated, magnetic 
Making real change with real soul clients 
Working part time hours, with a full time wage
Threading spirituality into your work
Gaining momentum in your work because you're finally taking up space in the birth world
Allowing your business support your sovereign life, whilst you support sovereign women in theirs
Working location independently - working from anywhere in the world WITH anyone in the world (including an on the ground community)
Quantum leaping from a hobby, to consistent 5 figure months. (With less hustle, time, energy and effort.)

Over 300 women registered for our Masterclass on Energetic Birthwork in December 2022

Women from Egypt, Canada, The US, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Chile, Denmark, The UK, Costa Rica and The Gulf Islands
This tells us that you know and feel that something is missing in birthwork
And we know exactly what it is